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Korean Bar-que – sounds like a good plan

Korean Bar-que – sounds like a good plan

Korean Bar-que
I was invited out for supper with Parkash and his family, Parkash is one of the people that support the orphanage – he first became involved when his father told him he had to do something. In his village two children – Mindul and Sim were left without a mother as she had passed away and their father was unable to work due to being handicapped. So he did by contacting someone he knew from his village who had started an orphanage in Budhanilkantha (I can now actually say the name – which is helpful when trying to take a taxi) – so in order to place the children he needed to pay – which he did. Pretty soon he got two of his friends involved and it went from there.
So Parkash, his wife and son take me for Korean Bar-que – not in your regular tourist place. I don’t know why but I threw all caution to the wind – I ate meat (which I never do when traveling), lettuce which was washed in local water – and all sorts of wonderful side dishes that I didn’t know what I was really eating. It tasted so good and it was just wonderful. Well wonderful until the middle of the night. I was staying in the hotel and by the next day I just wanted to go back to the orphanage as quickly as possible. I was a little green around the gills – I took any old taxi – mistake – this guy had to be the slowest taxi driver in Kathmandu as well as the most talkative. He could talk 5 different languages and spoke them all. By the time we got to the orphanage I was past green around the gills!!!
Will that be tuna or porridge?
I have porridge for breakfast – tuna and crackers for lunch and for supper soup or tuna – depending on my mood. For a snack I have two digestive cookies. It’s not the best balanced diet but it works. However my body has not started to eat it’s self – in other words I have not lost weight as my body is in starvation mod so all the little fat cells (which apparently I have a lot of) are puffing up. My daily calories are between 500 to 700 – sometimes I skip supper as I am not really hungry. So by the time I leave I figure I will weigh more than when I left. So my conclusion – I should have just eaten chocolate because it taste better then tuna.
I only carry the essentials
I have to thank Pat for leaving all the cans of tuna behind before she went to Singapore. I bet she is not eating tuna there!!!! However in saying that some of the cans of tuna do not have a pop up lid – I need a can opener – I wonder if she had one and took it with her? So I thought maybe I do have a can opener – you never know. So I checked every pocket in my suitcases and all I could find was a corkscrew. I guess I only carry the essentials. Mind you at this point I am throwing the corkscrew out and replacing it with a can opener – after all a lot wine these days have twist tops ! And if I find myself in a real need to have wine with cork I can always use my nail file – this actually works – a little tough but it can be done. Just make sure it is a steel nail file – well that only makes sense. Did you know that an emery board is different then a nail file???
Handy tip – how to catch bugs
I found this excellent way of ensuring there are no bugs in my room. I shut off all the lights and turn on my laptop – all the bugs come flying towards the screen – easy. However this does not work to catch the crawling type bugs that only come out at night – that I don’t like to think about, but at least I catch the flying ones or the ones that like to buzz around your head at night.
If you can’t cook stay out of the kitchen
Great plan – make some type of rice pudding for the children with protein powder – easy? I don’t think so – first you need to know how to make rice pudding. Thank goodness for the volunteer Lillian – she had more of an idea then I did. So off we go to the Penguin Department Store – which is my favourite place as it is the biggest store in the village – mind you are 7-11s are bigger but it has stuff like hairspray which Pat could not find anywhere else. So we buy 1 litter of milk – I am sure 1 litter of milk to make rice pudding for 23 children is more than enough. So we get back and ready to go – so the plan is cook the rice first – that’s good. We have a bit of a problem – we are not sure how to do that. We enlist Auntie’s help – I am trying to explain what we are doing by acting it out – Lillian thinks it is rather funny – and I am sure that Auntie does not have a clue as to what we are doing as we ended up with 12 cups of uncooked rice in the pressurer cooker. That is a whole bunch of rice !!!!! But that is OK – it will work. The rice here is drier – for some reason or that could be that it was cooked in the pressurer cooker – I really don’t know - I use Uncle Ben’s throw it in the microwave type rice. So after the rice is done we use about ¼ of it we add the litter of milk and protein powder - so that didn’t work. So off I go in search of milk and sugar. Not an easy task without walking all the way back to Penguin - so I check all the little stores – there are a lot of little stores . I find sugar at one and fresh milk at another (2 litters) – so we add the milk – it’s looking and tasting better. Lillian goes to pick up bananas and apples – this could work. The children come home from school – this is exciting – they are excited they are getting a snack until about 4 of them asked me what a snack was – so instead of doing my usual acting things out I show them. We put rice in a bowl- sugar on top and add the apples and bananas on top of that. There are two words that mean good – one means it’s just good and the other means it is great – we got the good – so that is a good start. As well this is not called rice pudding (I wouldn’t even have called it that either) but rice milk. So at the end of it all we make pretty dare good rice milk!!!
There should be a warning on the Moist Wipes
So if you have been reading the blog you are aware that we have been having a few plumbing issues – just a side note the plumber still hasn’t showed up yet. Anyway while Pat was here we came up with a plan in order to use our friend the squat toilet without passing out from the smell. So armed with a surgical mask, Febreze and toilet paper we are ready to go – only problem the surgical mask really doesn’t help. Well let’s be creative – let’s put one of those Moist Wipes inside the mask – it will kill the smell – that’s good ? Well it would have all worked except every time we took a breath the wipe stuck to our faces covering our mouth and nose – so we have a choice either pass out due to the smell or lack of air. I choose the lack of air because if I was going to pass out at least it would smell nice. Oh – I do have pictures of us being prepared to go in which I will put up on Flickr. And you will notice I am more prepared then Pat.
The Anti-Log
While Pat was here she kept going on about writing an anti-blog – but she did not have the time to do so. I already know her two biggest complaints – one that I get up early in the morning – she believes that I deliberately make noise to wake her up – which is so not true. What happened was one morning I got hot water – so she could have coffee when she woke up – very thoughtful of me –wouldn’t you say- I was putting some bowls on top of the jugs to keep the water hot and a couple of bowls fell off making a loud noise. Yes I realize it was something like 5:30 or so – but I did not do it on purpose.
Her other complaint was that I was always not sure which way to go – but I always managed to find the right direction at some point in time – and besides walking is good for you. She kept saying that they should spin me around three times and I would find my way. Well I know for a fact that without me she wouldn’t have found her way at all – she should be happy she had a free guide. And really if those are her two biggest complaints – I would think she has nothing to whine about. There were a few other things but I am sure they were so minor they weren’t worth writing about. I am sure of that.

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