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Another Day in Nepal

September 6th

It has been an interesting day – after getting the children off to school which was no easy task. One of the boys was not going to school as he did not have shoes – well guess what I just happened to have a pair (thanks to Sharon’s son who bought some shoes with his own money) – he was very excited and with a pair of thick socks – it all worked and off he went. Then I took two of the boys Arti and SherBar – out of school and off we went to other side of Kathmandu to start our training. It was a wild taxi ride through many a back road but we made it – a little late but we got there. We were met by the people I have been emailing with for the last several months and they were the nicest people ever. I am now looking for a wife for a 30 year old geologist who works for ENPHO full time as well as teaches at the university. Very nice guy – but he doesn’t believe in arranged marriages – I like to think about it as a match making service. So if you know anyone let me – I am sure with the right person he will appreciate my efforts,

Now back to the training – the training had a number of people attending all of whom were community mobilizers - they are doing some really interesting work and real grassroots community development, This is like the real stuff and for me it is so interesting to actually see the power of communities at work. I am very impressed by the ENPHO. The only issue is the training was in Nepalese – could be a problem for me !! As I have done a lot of research in regards to over all living standards and health issues in Nepal – from the slides I could figure what they were talking about well most of the time. During the training two people asked me if I understood was being said – I just shook my head no. They looked at each other and then said you look like you understand what is being said – I didn’t tell them it was a skill that I had developed over the years. The trainers were great and very lively so it was interesting to watch them. By mid-afternoon the boys and I had special training – hands on to start building a system for the orphanage. We (well the boys did) start to sort all the gravel and sand – very hard work which was made more difficult as the fine sand was wet. What I have learnt in this one day of training is that there is always a solution – you just need to be flexible and open to all possibilities. After trying a few different ways they figured it out. I would have never thought of adding more water to wet sand – but it worked, People keep coming by to help – even those that were finished working – they just didn’t have a problem in helping, It was a great experience and one that made us feel like part of the team. I was also able to see the mould that we bought to take to the village. It is much bigger than I thought. They also offered to do 4 sessions at the orphanage in regards to safe and healthy living conditions – another bonus which I will up on and hopefully they can have at least one session before I leave. It was a very busy day and we did not leave the training center until after 6 p.m. – and then another crazy taxi ride back to the orphanage.

By the time we got back to the orphanage the power was out, I forgot about those regular power outages, and the children were very excited – like really excited as they thought it was hair washing night. I could not find any crème rinse nor the soap that I want to use so it will have to wait until Tuesday night, I will go into the tourist area tomorrow as I will be able to find what I need. So instead we played card games by flash light – it all works,

September 7th another early morning with my children – I like to have something to give them every morning – so today it was hair things for the girls. When I asked the oldest girl what she would like – what would make her happy as she appears a little sad to me. She said bra and underwear for her and one of the other girls that need these things. So we will go shopping once Pat and Jessica arrive. The girls are very anxious to meet Jessica as she is 16 – this will work well.

Well it’s rainy season here and guess what it’s raining – it has not stopped since last night – I am off to training which means I have to walk through mud as the roads are in real bad shape here – my only problem is sometimes I can’t tell the difference between the mud and cow pies – I can honestly say not a pleasant experience for me in my cute and fashionable cloth shoes.

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